Who we are?

Travel, visit and discover the richest ecosystem f the DR Congo wit locals

Congo Local Guides Sarl (CLG Sarl) comes from a long journey. CLG Sarl was first initiated in 2014 as Goma Walking City Tour and for about four years, its team guided about one thousand tourists from all over the world. With an increase in tourist flow, requests in new Congo cities destinations, a proven experience as evidence of our tourists review on TripAdvisor and social networks, we finally decided and succeeded to incorporate Congo Local Guides Sarl in August 2019 to structure its activity, offer innovative products and services which are aligned with Sustainable Development Goals.

CLG Sarl is a platform brought up by two young Congolese, Christian Aganze and Elie Musanganya with a high interest in Tourism and Hospitality. CLG Sarl has fixed itself a first five-year plan aiming to cover 60% of Congo destination by end 2024. This plan is original and doesn’t focus on traditional tourism based only on city views. It offers tourists, basically those who are friends of taking adventures and challenges, a chance to discover the Democratic Republic of Congo in its diversity. We take you from cities to villages to be immersed 100 % in local life (dressing, food, accommodation, farming, etc). Most importantly, we bring you where we know, taking your safety as our main concern.


Our mission is to give you the best immersive travel experience. Integrate the community



Co-Founder and Chief Executive officer

With a BSc. in Industrial Economics from Université Libre des Pays des Grands Lacs (Goma, D.R. of the Congo) since 2016, Christian is completing a Master in Governance and Regional Integration at Pan African University in Yaoundé-Cameroon.



Co-founder and Public Relations Manager

With a Bsc. In Development Management since 2016 from Institut Supérieur d'Informatique et de Gestion , Elie Musanganya is a proven Entrepreneurs with over ten years managing private enterprises such as Kivu Net, and the recently created Mushonga Establishments specialised in computer consumables and related services.



Channel Manager

Graduated in 2016 in Business Management from Université Libre des Pays des Grands Lacs/ Goma, DRCongo, Alain has developed marketable skills in Economics, Business and Management from an interdisciplinary approach.


KOKO Arsene

Team Support

Holding a BSc in Commerce and accountancy from Institut Supérieur de Commerce/Goma since 2015, Arsène KOKO has developed a number of skills by trainings in Marketing from INFOCOM Monde, and Human Rights with CONGO PEACE NETWORK Goma.


CLG Sarl project itself in mid-term as the main Congo Advisor of tourists traveling to Democratic Republic of the Congo. CLG Sarl founders and its local guides has experience through out the Country and have visited and lived in 22 of the 26 provinces.

It is clear that CLG Sarl activities are oriented in Ecotourism and Cultural Tourism and having villages as targets, is to contribute to poverty reduction. These actions align our main objective to the government one of reaching SDGs goals and making DRC one of the major tourist destination within the region.


We know that traveling has never been easy without the support of local guides, especially when it comes to planning a long trip within a country-continent like the Democratic Republic of Congo.

We accompany you by offering you the necessary information in real time on your future destination in Congo, practical advice on transportation and housing in the Congo, visa assistance by offering you a letter of invitation. And finally, once in Congo, we bring you to the heart of our cultural diversity and rich ecosystem.


The Democratic Republic of Congo, the second largest African country with about 500 tribes spread over its two and half million square kilometers, presents a rich cultural diversity to offer to travelers from all over the world.Even more, with about nine national parks, D.R Congo is the only country in the world where you will find rare species such as the Okapi and the Congolese Peacock (Maiko Park), The White Rynoceros (Garamba Park), Mountain Gorilla (Kahuzi-Biega Park), and silver-backed gorillas (in Virungas Park), and many other species.Added to this are the Nyiragongo volcano, majestic rivers like the Congo River with its many falls, the great African lakes, etc.We bring you to the heart of the big Congo, not yet discovered.