Work with us as a Company

By company, we mean hotels, restaurants and other public establishments

  • Be officially registered;
  • No special location is needed. Those in DRC and outside are welcome;
  • Be willing to work with us on one of several of our activities or propose some;
  • Be willing to sign a contract on agreed terms and conditions;
  • Not be willing to engage in any activities out of SDGs or out of our core mission and objectives.

Restaurants and souvenir shops

This space is reserved for local restaurants and shops that offers local products. Independently of where you’re located in Congo D.R., you may submit your request to expose your products on our website. We’ll provide you with the facility of selling online and/or being contacted in case there is a customer interested in your product. The space will be offered for free regardless your turnover. Your contribution will be annual and will be part of the website maintenance.

Submit a request