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Buhimba and Mugunga Trip

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Buhimba area

Buhimba and Mugunga Trip is among the best things to do after Goma. Furthermore, it is the unique experience for for you to taste Goma surrounding ecosystem, local life and recent Nirangongo volcano effect outside of Goma. Buhimba is a peri-urban area located 16 km far from Goma. With its green nature, Buhimba hosts the Grand Seminaire for priests. Build to the verge of Kivu Lake, priests offer a good place for relaxing. There are basketball, football and volleyball field and diverse games that may meet your hobbies. You’ll be most lucky to enjoy your trip as there are a large number of people and a range of activities: sports like basketball, volleyball, football, cultural activities, etc.

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There are two highlights that you will be excited to visited : The Black and Green Lakes which are both crater lakes isolated from very old Nyiragongo Eruption before 1900s. The black lake, which is located in Grand Seminaire, is a small piece of water isolated by hills. The Black lake water is colored black due its vegetation and  it is in a deep link with Lake Kivu… You’ll be more than excited to witness this beautiful creature.

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Mugunga and Green Lake

From the priest concession, 4 km straight forward, there is another crater Lake, a bit larger than the black one. It’s called the Green Lake. Really, it’s green because of its vegetation. You are the most welcome to visit and learn about its history.

Mungunga itself is one quarters recently added to Goma municipality and is known to have recently hosted the largest refugee camp during the past five to ten years. Local life has been rapidly changing with relatively new constructions, but it remains close rural life. Due to the low road traffic, we also provide bike tours and this has largely contributed to out tourists satisfaction.

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To end our day, a part from visiting crater lakes, we will visit farms of donkeys and cows in Sake (11km far away from Mugunga), Sake local market and meet local people in their every life and activities. We may also be lucky to assist to youth games (football) or cultural activities, but this is random as we don’t often meet it.

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Note : The price include ONLY guide fees and a 4WD car for the trip.

Why you choose this package!

  • Crater lakes visit : Black and Green lakes
  • Biking tours
  • Visit recent nyiragongo eruption impact
  • Meet with local people
  • Best guides within the region
  • Visit cows and donkeys farms

First Highlight,Buhimba and Black Lake 10:00am

Buhimba is a peri-urban area located 16 km far from Goma. It is about 30 minutes driving from Goma.

Second Highlight,Mugunga and Green Lake 11:30 am

4 km far away from the previous highlight. As it's not a straight way, it takes up to ten minutes driving.

Third Highlight,Sake Village 01:30pm

From Mungunga to Sake, it's arround 30 minutes driving for the 11 extra kilometers, Making a total of 27 kilometers from Goma to Sake.

Arsene Koko

with a strong experience, Arsène has guided several tourists.

Additional Info

  • Duration : 8-9 hours
  • Person : 10 Person
  • Kids : 0
  • Availability : 40
  • Price : $150
  • Location : North-Kivu, DR Congo

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