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    Goma Surrounding Villages Tour

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    Get to know people and life out of the main city

    Before leaving Goma, there are interesting activities to do outside of the city. Discover these villages with full immersion into local life and culture. For approximately 8 hours, we are going to travel a total of fifty Kilometres visiting about five villages. Goma Surrounding Villages Tour activity particularly helps you to easily learn and understand our culture by your in-person participation to local life, but also to bring a new hope of peace to this population that have been terribly affected by repeated wars, now in transition to sustainable peace.

    Then, what should you expect? This tour is not simply a village to village look, but a complete learning experience. You will get to know local people everyday life by enjoying their local food and traditional dance, visit local schools to give you a deep understanding of their education challenges and opportunity, chieftancy to understand how Congo villages are ruled compared to the modern governance, farms to know how they create wealth and their changes, and orphanage to witness the impact of war on families in rural areas.

    Goma Surrounding Villages Tour Itinerary

    Departure from Goma: 09.00 am

    Buhimba (15 Km): 09.30-10.00 am

    Mugunga (18 Km): 10.10-10.20 am

    Sake (27 km): 10.50am-12.00 pm

    Bweremana (40 Km): 12.30-2.00 pm

    Minova (50 Km): 2.30-4.00pm

    Return back to Goma: 4.00pm, expected arrival: 5.30pm

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    Why you choose this package!

    • You get to know people
    • Discover new places in your travel journey
    • Learn and share new life experiences
    • In-person interaction with rural area people
    • Give hope to these forgotten people
    • Opportunity to bring your support to their everyday life challenges

    09.00 am,Departure from Goma

    With a 4WD vehicle, it will take us about 30 minutes driving to reach the first Village, Buhimba, located at 15Kms away from Goma. The pick up point has to be determined in advance.

    09.30-10.20 am,Buhimba & Mugunga

    About 15-18 kms from Goma, we are going to visit the two incredible lakes, though they remain unknown by many. The Black and Green Lakes which are both crater lakes isolated from very old Nyiragongo Eruption before 1800s. The black lake that is located in the priest’s Grand Seminaire is a small piece of water isolated by hills. Same for the Green lake but located 3 kilometres away. They have their coloration thanks to their vegetation and they are deeply linked to the Lake Kivu. Interestingly, they have rare species of fishes that you are going to discover.

    10.50am-12.00 pm,Sake

    About 27kms from Goma. It actually looks more like a small city than a village though life style is still at a rudimentary level. We are going to start by visiting the colorful Sake local market and meet local people in their everyday life and activities. We may also be lucky to assist to youth games (football) or cultural activities, but this is random as we don’t often meet it. We are also going to visit a local organic plantation of fruit and vegetables, and believe us, you will agree that they are naturally delicious. Then the tour in sake will end by visiting donkeys and cows in a private farm.

    12.30pm-4.00 pm,Bweremana & Minova

    The first is located in North Kivu Province at 40 Kms from Goma, while the second is located in South Kivu Province at 50 Kms from Goma. We are also going to participate to local activities like cooking local food, local dance, and field work in farms. This tour also offers the advantage of learning about traditional culture. A great highlight is the meeting with the Kihunde tradional dancer’s group. It’s very exciting to learn and practice this dance. In Bweremana, we are also going to visit primary schools (Miteeso and Bweremana Primary Schools), Chieftancy office of Buhunde, taste local banana and Maize beers and experience how they’re made. This may also include local fishermen visit depending on their availability. About what to see in Minova, it includes include coffee farms, orphanage visit, and cow farms where you will assist and participate in the activities of milking cow.

    Arsene Koko

    Born and grew up in Goma, Arsene has is our best guide with over two years experience offering tours in villages and sites surounding Goma. He can speak french, english and swahil. Most tourists feedback him to be creative and care much about tourists safety during the trip.

    Additional Info

    • Duration : 8 Hours
    • Person : 1
    • Availability : 20
    • Price : $
    • Location : North and South Kivu

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