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Tshukudu Ride Experience by Tourists

Tour Details

 Tshukudu Ride Experience by Tourists is among the highly recommended activities by TripAdvisor Travelers as best things to do in Goma. It is helps Tourists learn about Tshukudu history and ride it as locals do. It aims also in assisting and encouraging local riders to diversify their source of income.

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There has been an increase in tourist interest about the wooden bike that can carry up to 500 kg. It is commonly a local low-cost mean  of transport to carry goods and furniture. Besides, Tshukudu Ride Experience by Tourists also include a visit to what we can consider to be the Tshukudu manufacturing plant. To start, just have a look to this video for you to have an idea about Tshukudu.

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Further, our experience reveals that international travellers visit Goma for three mains reasons. The first being Gorilla, the second Nyiragongo trekking and the third being to visit the wooden bike, Tshukudu. However, Tsukudu is only in Goma and Nyiragongo territory. The reason is that it is particularly suited to Goma terrain, which is less escarpment.

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In summary, this activity is very exciting and requires some energy and equilibrium, mostly if you will also need some extra kilometers ridding a loaded Tshukudu. In the past, Congo Local Guides team have assisted several tourists in making documentary about. Do not hesitate to contact us and propose extra activities you would like to have around.

Meantime, you can read what tourists says about us on TripAdvisor.

Why you choose this package!

  • This wooden bike is only find in Goma
  • A very fun experience with locals
  • Ride a Tshukudu by yourself
  • Support local activities
  • Have memorable pictures
  • Benefit with Goma city tour

2 Hours ,Goma

This activity lasts around two hours and can be extended on your request. With assistance of a Tshukudeur (so called the one who ride it), the tourist will learn basics on how to ride it and proceed to loading of goods. Before concluding it, we will have a visit far northern Goma where they are made. No specific itinerary for this trip and it starts where we locate Tshukudu, preferably in Birere, the commercial center.

Christian Namegabe

He is the most prominent guide in the region and grew up in Goma. With a rich experience of 5 years, he guided several satisfied tourists from all over the world.

Additional Info

  • Duration : 2 hours
  • Person : 2 Person
  • Kids : 0
  • Availability : 5
  • Price : $60
  • Location : Goma, North-Kivu, DR Congo

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