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Why Goma?

Congo Local Guides has Designed Walking Goma City Tour to help you discover its diversity. This activity is among the highly recommended by TripAdvisor Travelers among best things to do in Goma. Goma is the capital city of North Kivu province,  and is built on the north shore of Lake Kivu which is located in the centre of  the volcanic chain of Virunga. This has two craters still in operation: Nyiragongo and Nyamulagira. The town is around Mount Goma. Goma comes from “ngoma” which means drum in english, presumably because of its shape.

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With approximately 1 million of population 2016, Goma is the most attractive city for nationals and internationals. At the beginning, the city was only a tourist transit area to its surrounding destinations and not a residential city. Destinations include Lake Kivu Islands, Virunga Park and Nyiragongo volcano. Goma comes also from a political perspective as a corridor for several natural resources from. This being a main reason for  to see Goma having an International Airport in mid-1970s.  People started coming from all corner in the Former Zaire to reside in Goma where life is relatively cheap. Its population is growing rapidly, and the government is extending it to Buhimba and Mugunga, 15 km far west.


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How to reach Goma ?

Before we organize you a Walking Goma City Tour, we need to welcome you on our land. Goma is today one of the best served cities in the country at the transport level. Before Goma opens international flights, it was easy to reach it coming from Kigali, . However, today with the opening of Goma Airport to international flights, you can now land directly in Goma. The recent good news is also the new Rwandair destination to Kinshasa, which will be transiting in Goma.

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Here is the link to the different entry to the DRC. An easy access Goma is a direct flight to Goma, or come through Gisenyi, Rwanda. Or cross through Bukavu Border with Rwanda. If so, you will need a ship or speed boat that may take you from 2 to 6 hours to reach Goma; or taking a bus from Chiangugu to Gisenyi.

Why you choose this package!

  • A prominent and experienced guide
  • It's a dor to access the legendary Virunga National Park
  • Offer you advantage to buy masks and handicrafts at a very good price
  • Immerses you in real local life: foods
  • visits to local markets and suburbs
  • A friendly price
  • A discount on accomodation to a partner hotel
  • Benefit a full package to Gorilla and Nyiragongo
  • Offer you visit to Goma Surroundings villages on request

9 h 00, Meeting time,Provincial Hospital (Hopital Général)

From the Hopital Général we walk till PORT DE GOMA to visit dock with ships, entering inside (if we find only one which is loading);

Masks and Handicrafts,Goma Museum

From there, to BDGL roundabout with a moto taxi to shorten the distance. There is a rare place of the Goma Town where are sold art objects (and ancient masks) known as a local museum. For the one who wants to do some souvenir and curio shopping, this is the time to do it and enjoy selfies and photos. In short you have look for all what you want. Here, we stop for 30 minutes but if you have interest to explore in more details, we can take our time. As highlights of this tour, it’s described as following:

Wellknown Places,Tshukudu Roundabout

The monument of Tchukudu, which is the symbol of work in Goma is in the next Roundabout. That’s a tourist place; people from everywhere usually take pictures there, even for local wedding, clips of local stars… that’s in our step of visit. From there, to SIGNERS roundabout. There’s a monument of volcano and some animals of the park like lions, Gorillas….

Local Market,Virunga

The Virunga Market is the heart of Goma town, various categories of goods are sold, clothes, electronic set, shoes, food… many tourists women usually like to buy our loin cloth and local food in other to taste it.

Visiting Kilijiwe,Northern Goma

From the market, we’ll have to visit KILIJIWE (big stone in English), this quarter was named so after 1977 volcanic eruption, the lava made a big stone which stays the reference. Very far from KILIJIWE will visit KITUKU market a very small one to the verge of Kivu Lake form fish man and known as a popular place for ship construction. Before reaching the best restaurant, we shall visit the public beach known as PLAGE DU PEUPLE…

Foods,Local restaurants

We end by visiting a local restaurant to taste local specialities.

Christian Namegabe

He is the most prominent guide in the region and grew up in Goma. With a rich experience of 5 years, he guided over 150 satisfied tourists from all over the world.

Additional Info

  • Duration : 5 hours
  • Person : 2
  • Kids : 0
  • Availability : 20
  • Price : $50
  • Location : Goma, Democratic Republic of the Congo

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