Congo Local Guides is a fully registered travel company servicing travelers across the DR Congo

Who we are

Congo Local Guides Sarl (CLG Sarl) was first initiated in 2014 and was limited to Goma and surrounding village tours. With aim to offer unique experience to travelers and innovative services that are aligned to Sustainable Development Goals, we incorporated our activities under Congo Local Guides Sarl in August * 2019, Sarl standing for Limited Liability Company in English.

Based in Goma, CLG Sarl is managed by its two shareholders, Christian Aganze and Elie Musanganya, both with a high interest and experience in Congo out of the beaten path. Our services are original and flexible to meet the traveler’s requirement. They don’t focus on traditional tourism based only on city views and popular destination. We offer tourists, basically those who are adventures and challenges friendly, a chance to discover the DR Congo and people in their diversity..

Congo remains the least visit countries i n the region due to political instability and repeated wars and conflicts in some eastern part. This has negatively impacted Congo as a destination while actually 80% (Official) of Congo territory has been pacified. An evidence that Congo is a safe destination. Most of our services are road and water trip and can take up to a month for over 4,000 km. Outside of enjoying and testing our limits through our tours, traveler’s safety and security remain our main concern. Therefore, we take measured risks..

We also lay great emphasis on conservation and teaching the locals how to protect and conserve their beautiful countries. Our itineraries are only indicative to provide idea on how far we always go and we remain open to bespoke and tailored tours. Most importantly, we are very proud to be providing community-based tours. An important part of your contribution to our activity will be spend on the spot supporting local initiatives.



We want to sustainably contribute to local community development inside the Congo through tourism. That said, we are not only focused on making a profit, but also on identifying unknown, forgotten or old heritages owned by locals and government that may be of interest for international travelers, to ensure their visits positively change lives at large scale in the Congo, and in the world.


We want to see:

  • A reduction in youth unemployment in the Congo (and actively contribute to it as an employer).
  • Local heritage preserved and shared with those visiting our country.
  • Tourism as a force that drives positive change in the Congo and the world.
  • We and others limit our ecological footprint and live in harmony with nature.


Dedicated to help you explore the unknown face of DR Congo.

Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer & Guide

M.A. in Governance and Regional Integration from Pan African University (2019), Yaoundé, Cameroon. Working experience in Travel and Hospitality Industry, Government and international organizations. Christian is the rare Congo guide to have brought travelers in 10 Congo Provinces remote areas: Bandundu, Bas Congo, Congo Central, Kinshasa, Haut-Katanga Maniema, North Kivu, South Kivu, Tanganyika and Tshopo. Visited/lived in Cameroon, Kenya, Egypt, Rwanda, and Zambia. With Christian you will cross thousands of miles exploring life and nature as you never had thought the Congo would be.

Co-founder and Public Relations Manager

BSc. In Development Management from Institut Supérieur d’Informatique et de Gestion (2016). Elie is an Entrepreneurs with over ten years managing private enterprises. He recently incorporated Mushonga Establishments that offers construction services and safety materials products. Visited/lived in USA, India, United Arab Emirates, Kenya, Mexico, China and Rwanda.

Channel Manager & Guide

BSc. Business Management from Université Libre des Pays des Grands Lacs (2016). Alain has developed marketable skills in Economics and Business Management from an interdisciplinary approach. Guided a number of travelers in Goma and Surrounding villages. Alain knows the Kivu Region inside and out than anyone else. Well placed to bring you to the heart of the past decade’s history in Eastern Congo, as well as to the colonial/old/abandoned Congo heritages in the region. Visited Rwanda

Team Support & Guide

BSc. Commerce and accountancy from Institut Supérieur de Commerce (2015), Arsène has developed a number of skills by trainings in Marketing from INFOCOM Monde, and Human Rights with Congo Peace Network. With over 5 years servicing in South Kivu and surrounding areas, he is going to take to the untold extreme road adventure to visit the unexplored fauna and flora. Visited Rwanda & Burundi