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    Are you adventurous? Want to discover majestic rivers, primary forests and encounter unique wildlife? Experience local culture and customs? Explore Congo's colonial history and visit abandoned places? Come and visit the DR Congo with Congo Local Guides.

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    As one of the richest ecosystem in the world, the DR Congo provides a unique experience with people and nature



    A way to Congo Eastern Lowland Gorillas.

    Bukavu, the capital city of the South Kivu province, is an eastern Congo city ; southern Kivu Lake. Historically  Bukavu is the part of the ancient territory of Bushi Kingdom, one of the main ethnic group of South-Kivu. Before the Europeans came in Bushi Kingdom, Bukavu was called “Rusozi”. This province, as well as its northern neighbor, had known in the past decades a number of conflicts nourished by armed group willing to control these rich mining provinces. In tourism, Congo Local Guides will take you to the Kahuzi-Biéga National Park for eastern lowland Gorillas visit as well as the Lwiro Primate Centre. From the park, you can also hike the mount Kahuzi or visit a number of spectacular falls. Bukavu remains a door to many other legendary Congo tours by locals like Lake Kivu exploration. Beside, the City is our departure point for for multiple-day tours to explore the remote Southern and Central Congo.


    Explore Goma, the Congo Tourist Capital.

    Goma Congo, the Capital city of the Nord Kivu province, is located in the eastern part of the DR Congo, north shore of the Lake Kivu. Besides, Goma a tourist City built on the ancient lava flows from the Virunga volcanic chain ; and mainly on those of the Nyiragongo volcano. Goma city is a major starting point  for many of our multiple-day trips to extreme and remote northern an western Congo, fully guided by Congo locals. Regarding the climate, the city has two seasons a rainy season from the end August to mid -May. It is also interspersed with a short dry season which runs from mid-December to mid-February. Finally, the dry season runs from mid-May to the end August. In tourism attraction, kindly visit Goma walking city tour. Culturally The main ethnic groups that populate the province of North Kivu are the Nande, the Nyanga, the Hunde, Tembo, etc.


    Kinshasa, African third populous and largest city.

    The capital of the Congo, also called Léopoldville; with its twelve million of population, is also where coexist side by side upscale residential and commercial sectors, military camps, universities and shantytowns. The heart of Kinshasa; its large commercial and residential center; excellent restaurants and fine hotels; buzzing with energy & bustling with activity. Besides, Kinshasa is a city where Lingala , Kikongo , Swahili and Tshiluba are the main languages ​​of the inhabitants alongside French, the official language. Congo Local Guides takes you to the Léopoldville Tourist attractions. The Congo Tour by locals include first Lola ya bonobo. Secondly, the national Museum and a number of colonial architectures. Third, African Park Adventures to Ma vallée, to the kisantu botanical garden or visit the snake farm, the Zongo falls. Finally, hangout or go to the bar, clubbing, attend cultural event and shows, eat out and try the local cuisine, visit the art galleries, schools and shops, visit the city markets. And do not forget the Kinshasa Nightlife...

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