Kinshasa City Tour

Kinshasa City Tour

A day to explore the African capital of music, Kinshasa

Located in the Congo west part on the south bank of Congo river near the western exit of the Malebo Pool ,  Kinshasa, the capital city of DRCongo is the third largest and populous African City with its 74km from east to west.  Facing the capital of the Republic of Congo (Brazzaville) for only five-minute crossing, Kinshasa is the most dynamic and diverse city across Africa for its music and art style. Also, the Kinshasa Tour as proposed by Congo Local Guides is a stunning experience to discover places and people in their everyday life style.

Correspondingly, Kinshasa in Lingala is called “Kisásá”, colonially known as Léopoldville or leopoldstad with its population of more than ten million. Furthermore, the City-Province of Kinshasa has a tropical, hot and humid climate. It runs from a long rainy season lasting 8 months, from mid-September to mid-May, to a dry season which runs from mid-May to mid-September, but also, a small rainy season and a small dry season, for the period of mid-December to mid-February. Touring the city of Kinshasa is enjoyable all the time depending on your weather preference.

As for the temperature, two large wind currents blow throughout the year over the city of Kinshasa, both at altitude and at the level of low layers. Furthermore, the heart of Kinshasa, its large commercial and residential center, excellent restaurants and fine hotels, buzzing with energy & bustling with activity, Kinshasa has a lot to offer visitors, from the diversity in the flora & fauna to the several cultural sites embedded in history.

Kinshasa City Tour Summary

In short, the tour includes a visit wealthy people area such as Gombe, Ngaliema, Lingwala. But also, Kinshasa suburb such as Maluku, Malweka, Matete, limete, etc. Importantly, the tour will take you to the hottest point of the city known as Round Point Victoire (Victoire Roundabout), allowing us to enjoy an in-person contact with locals. This is without omitting the Eco-tour to Lola ya bonobo and the adventurous experience with Kinshasa surrounding ecosystem. Included points on to sees and to dos things includes:

  • Symphony of the Arts (Kinshasa)
  • Mausoleum of Laurent desire Kabila
  • Congo river facing Brazzaville
  • Memorial of Congolese Soldiers
  • Central Market (Zando)
  • Marty Stadium
  • The National Assembly
  • National Museum of Kinshasa
  • Nsele valley Park
  • Eco-Tour to Lola ya Bonobo sanctuary
  • Africa Park Adventure on the Lac Ma vallée ressort
  • Livingstone Falls

Note 1: Due to road congestion in Kinshasa, you can’t visit all sights in a single day. It is strongly advised to chose up to five or six activities and we will fit them in a day-tour.

Note 2: Congo Local Guides also offers the opportunity to see Kinshasa by night. The whole Africa knows Kinshasa from its legendary music style such as Rumba and Ndombolo. We take you to the hottest clubs and bars with live music.

Mean of transport: Walking and Private vehicle

Pick-Up point: Depending on your convenience, but mostly from a well-known place

Pick-Up time: Preferably Between 8:00am and 9:00am Local Time

Duration: 1 Day

Meals: Lunch at a local restaurant

Ending Time:  Latest 5pm

1 Hours,Symphony of the Arts (Kinshasa)

To reach to the Symphony of the Arts, it can take few minutes from the city center. This is the best Gallery dedicated to Congolese artists whose works are available for sale in a permanent exhibition. It is also an enchanting tropical garden dotted with peacocks (Women’s fashion, menswear and children’s clothing), flowers, small waterfalls and many more activities. Here you’ll find the equivalent piece of Jewelry or crafts directly from the producer very cheaper. Also, you can find different objects of your choice and test. It is a very famous place for the important events such as concerts, football matches, parties, artistic exhibitions etc.

1 h 30 minutes,Mausoleum of Laurent Désiré Kabila

The late President L.D. Kabila, also called Mzee L.D. Kabila as sign of respect, is one of Congo Heroes. Internationally known for the push to the late Mobutu President regime (who ruled Congo for 32 years) and defending democracy and autonomy of the Congo, he was killed only 4 years after proclaiming himself as president in 1997. His mausoleum is located opposite the office of the President, the Nation’s palace. The statue on the site was built by a group of North Koreans artisans who work abroad as Mansudae Overseas Project.

30 minutes,Congo river facing Brazzaville

Congo river is the second largest river in Africa After the Nile, it serves as a natural border between the Democratic Republic of Congo and the Republic of Congo and Angola. Its upper course is called Lualaba. As you coast the river you will quickly notice the incredible closest neighbor view of Kinshasa and Brazzaville in the DRC that sits beautifully along the north side of the river.

30 minutes,Memorial of Congolese Soldiers

This memorial has been erected in memory of the Belgian-Congolese soldiers who fought during the Battle of Abyssinia (1941). The 'Force Publique' fought during the Battle of Asosa, Gambela and Saio.

1 Hours,Central Market (Zando)

The Kinshasa Central market, commonly known as Zando in Lingala, is the largest commercial and economic center of the capital. In May 1989, the number of sellers was estimated to 15,500 and more than 50,000 today. It is bustles with life as locals sell and buy various goods and foods. The market has a wide variety of things you’d like to buy such as vegetable, fruit, butcher, fishmonger, cooked meals (Chikwangue), textiles, dishes jewelry, hardware, etc. Being the most dynamic place, Zando is reputably known to have very professional thieves, calling visitors for an extreme attention. Have you ever imagined walking in a crowded area where about 5 million people meet and everyone in his business?

30 minutes,Martyr stadium

Once done with the independence and botanic garden we drive for few hours up to the Pentecost Marty’s stadium or again called a Martyr stadium, the main in DRcongo and actually the biggest in central Africa, it’s a multi- purpose sports ground having a capacity of 80,000 and 600 spectators located in the commune of Ligwala in Kinshasa DRC. it’s mainly uses for football matches, concerts, athletics competitions and also the major events of the city’s sports teams and associations, such as basketball, volleyball, tennis and other interesting activities.

20 minutes,The National Assembly

This is the lower house of its bicameral parliament composed of an upper house elected by indirect ballot, the senate and a lower house elected by direct universal suffrage. Therefore, the Assembly is made up of 500 seats. This imposing building in the heart of Kinshasa worth the visit. Built in 1960 is one of the best heritages from the independence. Located alongside the Triomphale Boulevard, tourists enjoy having selfies in front of the building.

45 minutes,National Museum of Kinshasa

Recently renovated by the Government in a brand new building, the national museum of Kinshasa, also known as the Congo national museum, has nearly 45,000 tangible cultural heritage objects which are the ethnographic collections, traditional music etc. Congo Local Guides also show you around for you to learn more about Congo’s rich history, take a look at the sculpture of souvenir, a nice park for kids, the Belgian colonial states, check out Mubutu’s throne and many more. Through this visit, the tour of Kinshasa offers a unique opportunity to understand Congo people from the four corners.

3 Hours,Nsele valley Park

N’sele Valley park, a gigantic, outstanding, relaxing national park located in the western part of Kinshasa in Mulaku. It hosts a multitude of animals such as donkeys, giraffes, black buffaloes, impala, zebras, sitatunga, antelopes, monkeys, lions and other species of herbivores. Also, there are a lot of activities around the park like kayaking, hiking or riding the zip line, cycling and many more. Activities to do on the site will be chosen on your convenience.

4 Hours,Eco-Tour to Lola ya Bonobo sanctuary

The only place in the world where you can find Bonobos. It was founded by Claudine Andre in 1994. Bonobos are known to approximately have 99% of identical DNA to human. This impressive eco-tour immerses you into a magnificent and memorable learning experience.

4 Hours,Lac Ma vallée Experience

The first park in the Democratic Republic of Congo situated about 25km from downtown Kinshasa, it’s a place for relax, entertainment with a fresh air, it offers adventure of activities for children and adults such as sport, Ziplining, Kayaking, mountain biking, pedalo park, archery, space for hiking. we can also have lunch or drink on the sport but it advised not to settle outside because there are many flies but it’s better to have lunch inside the restaurant and book in advance depending on the group size.

1 Hours 30 minutes,Livingstone Falls

Being the largest waterfall in the world in terms of water volume, they were named by the explorer David Livingstone, they are a succession of 32 rapids and cataracts on the Congo River, extending for about 220 miles (354 km) between Kinshasa and Matadi in Congo (Kinshasa). They are arguably more beautiful and moving than Victoria falls in Zimbabwe. and partially along the border with Congo (Brazzaville). Though they prevent navigation from the mouth of the river to the interior, they provide in return, a tremendous potential for hydropower, as manifested in the giant Inga hydroelectric scheme just above Matadi. It is so impressive to end the tour to with a splendid stop at the cafe overlooking the cataracts, the vicious rapids on the river where the majestic Congo became unnavigable, and where Diego Cao crashed and wrecked his boat upon the first European discovery of the Congo River.

Christian Namegabe
Christian Namegabe

He is the most prominent guide in the region and grew up in Goma. With a rich experience of more than 5 years, he has guided several satisfied tourists from all over the world.

Why you choose this tour !

Only here you finds Bonobos in the world
The African Capital of Music
Discover the Globally known "Sapeurs"
A great view of Congo River
In-person contact with locals
Explore the naturally preserved area
Adventurous experience on lakes and parks
Discover real local life: suburbs & markets
Duration : 1 Day
Person : 1
Price : 0 $
Location : Kinshasa - Kinshasa ; Democratic Republic of the Congo