Walking Goma City Tour

Walking Goma City Tour

Why Goma?

To assist exploring the DR Congo, Congo Local Guides (CLGs) designed the Walking Goma City Tour to help you discover the citys’ diversity. The capital city of North Kivu province, Goma, is located on the north shore of Lake Kivu offering you both waters and land experience. Virunga Park and Nyiragongo Gorilla family, Lake Kivu islands (Idjwi, Tchegera…) are among bucket list items to tick while in Goma. Besides, the history of repeated wars in the region sandwiched in the silent monster, Nyiragongo volcano, will help you connect with the locals.

How to reach Goma ?

Goma is among the most accessible cities in the Congo. In the past, it was easy to access Goma from Kigali, Rwanda (3 to 5 hours’ drive) but today with Goma Airport open to international flights, it’s easy to land directly in Goma. However, should you decide to come from Kigali, CLGs organises a pick-up in Kigali or Gisenyi, Rwanda.

Tour Itinerary

Goma is not exactly everybody’s destination but if you happen to visit Rwanda, L. Kivu is likely to be in your bucket list and fortunately, Goma neighbours the lake and thus, your love for nature will end up pushing you to the other side of the border, DRC. Many people come for cheap gorilla trekking in Virunga National park or for trekking the Nyiragongo Volcano and leave as quickly as possible back to Rwanda. Now, can be you too.  To well explore, discover and have fun in African cities you will need well-experienced local company, and that company is the CLGs. This package securely and safely take you to all corners of the town from the south to the north (Port de Goma, Turunga) and from the East to west (Grande Bariere, NDOSHO quarter).

Mean of transport: On feet, motorbike or Taxi on request.

Meeting Point: Depending on your convenience, but mostly at the Border “Grande Barière”

Meeting time: Preferably Between 8:00am and 10:00am GMT

Duration: Between 4 and 6 hours

Meals: Lunch on your own convenience

Ending Time:  Latest 5pm

10.20am - 10.40am (Local Time) ,Goma Port

An important point for the trade between North and South Kivu. Very busy with about five ferries departure and five ferries arrivals between Goma and Bukavu. Here you get to see the old ferries and observe the trade between these two cities

10.50am-11.20.am ,Goma Museum

famously known as the main museum of North Kivu Province, it contains all collections of masks and arts objects of around 500 tribes of the DR Congo used for different cultural ceremonies. Each holding a specific meaning and story behind. If you want to learn the original culture of Congolese ancestors, this is the place to visit.

11.25am-11.40am,The monument of Tchukudu

The symbol of Goma, it attracts many lovers of photography, memories and history. Apart from documenting this monument in photos, you will get to ride the real Tshukudu, a wooden bike that can carry over a half tone of goods.

photo 11.50am-12.20pm,The airport street

were going to see the abandoned airport from outside. The street, busy with local trade in bulky, commercial center, Birere, is along the airport road.

12.30pm-12.45pm,The Virunga Market

The heart of Goma town, you will find various categories of goods sold; clothes, electronic set, shoes, food…Here you get the local Congolese loin/Ankara/vitenge in Swahili which you can either buy for personal or business needs.


Probably the central point. A very remote shantytown located north, safe and offering a unique experience to get up a huge rock (presumably from 1800 Nyiragongo eruption) from where you’ll have a panoramic view of Goma city (Goma international Airport traffic, Kivu Lake, The streets, and interestingly the 2002 Nyiragongo eruption lava). The same rock has a cave (with entrance fees) that gives you a 3D movie feeling.

2.00pm-2.20pm,Kituku market

Located alongside the Kivu Lake and famous for its fishermen and small fishes (Sambaza), Kituku Market is also known as a place for ferry construction.

2.40pm-3.00pm,Visit a local chocolate factory

This include a taste of local made chocolates and learn how these precious products are made through their value chain.

3.00pm-3.30pm,Lunch in a local restaurant

The tour end with a lunch in a local well known restaurant where your can taste local foods like sombe and Ugali, and taste local drinks as well.

Christian Namegabe
Christian Namegabe

He is the most prominent guide in the region and grew up in Goma. With a rich experience of more than 5 years, he has guided several satisfied tourists from all over the world.

Why you choose this tour !

A prominent and experienced guide
It's a door to access the legendary Virunga National Park
Offer you advantage to buy masks and handicrafts at a very good price
Immerses you in real local life: foods
visits to local markets and suburbs
A friendly price
Benefit a full package to Gorilla and Nyiragongo
Offer you visit to Goma Surroundings villages on request
A discount on accomodation to a partner hotel
Duration : 5 Hours
Person : 4
Price : 0 $
Location : Goma - Nord-Kivu ; Democratic Republic of the Congo