Free visa countries for D.R.Congo Citizens

27 July 2021

Free visa countries for D.R.Congo Citizens

What is FreeVisa CountriesForDrCongo Citizens about? A part from being an African Union member State, the Democratic Republic of Congo belongs to four Regional Economic Organizations which are the Southern African Development Community (SADC), the Communauté Economique des Pays des Grands Lacs (CEPGL), the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) and the Economic Community for Central African States (ECCAS). In addition, D.R. Congo is actually under process of joining the Eastern African Community (EAC). Following these agreements, countries decide to open a free movement of their citizens within the region. Besides, the Democratic Republic of Congo has several bilateral agreements that also offers advantages to holders of D.R.Congo Passport.

As result of, D.R. Congo Citizens have advantage of visiting some without paying visa (Free Visa Countries), get it upon arrival (Visa on arrival), or simply obtain an online visa visa departure (E-visa). To summarize, FreeVisa CountriesForDrCongo Citizens informs you that D.R.Congo Passport holders can visit 16 countries visa free. Democratic Republic of Congo country citizens have access to 26 visa on arrival, 11 e-visa countries. These countries are listed below:

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Visa Not Required

  1. Benin (90 days)
  2. Burundi (3 Months)
  3. Central African Republic
  4. Cook Islands
  5. Dominica (21 days)
  6. Ecuador (90 days)
  7. Haiti (3 Months)
  8. Mauritius (90 days)
  9. Micronesia (30 days)
  10. Niue
  11. Palestine
  12. Philippines (30 days)
  13. Rwanda (90 days)
  14. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (1 Month)
  15. Singapore (30 days)
  16. Zimbabwe (3 months)

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Visa On Arrival

  1. Burkina Faso (1 Month)
  2. Cambodia (30 days)
  3. Cape Verde
  4. Comoros
  5. East Timor (30 days)
  6. Ethiopia (up to 90 days)
  7. Ghana (90 days)
  8. Guinea-Bissau (90 days)
  9. Iran (15 days)
  10. Macau
  11. Madagascar (90 days)
  12. Malawi
  13. Maldives (30 days)
  14. Mauritania
  15. Mozambique
  16. Nepal
  17. Palau (30 days)
  18. Senegal (90 days)
  19. Somalia (30 days)
  20. Timor-Leste
  21. Togo (7 days)
  22. Tuvalu (1 Month)
  23. Uganda
  24. Zambia (3 months)

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  1. Australia
  2. Djibouti (31 days)
  3. Georgia
  4. Kenya (3 Months)
  5. Kyrgyzstan
  6. Lesotho
  7. Montserrat
  8. Myanmar (28 days)
  9. Saint Kitts and Nevis
  10. Qatar

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Entry Permit on Arrival

Visitor’s Permit on Arrival

A visitor’s permit is issued on arrival in Seychelles to a person who comes for the purpose of holiday, pleasure, business, visit friends or family and who –

  • is not a prohibited immigrant;
  • is not the holder of a valid permit which entitles the holder to reside in Seychelles.
  • holds a valid return or onward ticket for duration of visit;
  • has confirmed accommodation;
  • has sufficient funds for duration of the stay.

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Electronic Entry Visa


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